Olivia By Duval Living Room

My new wife and I wanted to get married in Key West and stay for a week long honeymoon. We had a suite off of the pool and it's perfect for honeymooners. Private, yet you have French doors opening up to the pool for a swim anytime you feel the need to take a swim. We left the doors open and enjoyed the weather and tropical breezes blowing through the room. It's paradise. The staff was friendly and always welcomed us with a smile. Housekeeping kept the room spotlessly clean. It was the perfect setting for a romantic honeymoon and vacation. Key West is a really fun place to vacation too. Hopefully we can come back and relive the week soon.

My husband and I visited Key West on our multiple city Florida vacation. We wanted to go there for our honeymoon and ended up going to Mexico. We should have gone to Key West! We found Olivia by Duval and for us it was the was the perfect fit. We needed something cheap and clean. Nothing more nothing less. This is hard to find in Key West. It wasn't necessary for us to stay, but the fact that they had a pool sealed the deal for us. It was hot and the pool was cool, refreshing, and very clean. We were very happy with the cold A/C speaking of being hot. Next time it will be a flight directly into Key West and weeks stay.

After traveling down from Miami visiting my brother, we discovered Key West is an awesome place to vacation. We have never had so much fun. This is an adult playground! We jumped on the internet to look for Key West videos and found one here of Olivia by Duval. It looked nice on the video and t was even better in person. We tried to find something else before making a decision on Olivia, but just kept coming back for the price and location. Our room was in the main part of the house. There was another building out back by the pool. The style is very Key West with wall murals and tropical furniture. Our room had a king size bed with a kitchenette. It had a blender which was great for margarita and pina coladas. It had a small bathroom that was updated and clean. The pool seemed like it was only shared by only a few other guests and we enjoyed it every day. The owners are on sight and incredibly nice and respectful. This is a hidden gem in Key West. If it wasn't for the video, we wouldn't have found them. They aren't listed on the "discount" vacation sites. If you're reading this you have found a special hotel in Key West that can't be beat.

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