Southernmost Beach Cafe Video

My husband and I just returned home from a week in Key West. We stayed at the Southernmost Hotel which was across the street from the best beach on the island and the best restaurant. Beyond phenomenal food and drinks from the bar, the views of the beach and ocean are what you go down there for. There are a few restaurants on the water obviously, but they are all extremely expensive and you not only can't affordably eat there every day but you typically leave a little hungry. Not here. The prices are very reasonable and are comparable to what all the other average eateries cost. Portions are generous and I found myself bringing a little snack back to the room most nights. We ate breakfast there each morning then wondered up and down Duval street every day. After shopping and exploring all the area has to offer we found ourselves heading back for dinner at the cafe most nights. We got a great deal on a room, had a place to park and everything we could ask for in a Caribbean vacation. I highly recommend staying here and enjoying the Southernmost Beach Cafe. It's great!

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