La Mer and Dewey House

La Mer and Dewey House
We spent our honeymoon at the La Mer and Dewey House for a week in April. We were substantially happy with our choice. This hotel should be in major magazines as a world class Bed and Breakfast. They are located right on the beach and within an easy walk to absolutely everything! I am so glad my new husband picked this place, I usually have that sort of job but he wanted to take some of the pressure off of me by handling it himself. Not only did I pick a winner for a spouse but the taste he has in accommodations proves that point well. I am in for a great marriage if it could start off so well! I couldn't have picked a better place if it was left up to me. John was the name of the innkeeper, we loved him he was fabulous. We loved everything that there was to love about the La Mer. We most definitely will be returning customers. Thank you so much for making our special time and the beginning of our lives together an even better experience.

We actually got engaged at the La Mer a year ago so we decided to get married on the beach behind the hotel. We plan on returning for our one year anniversary next January. This place was still as wonderful as I remember it. The same magnificent and dedicated service staff as well s the kindness they always have bestowed upon us. They are still doing an excellent job. The rock solid awesome breakfast waffles and fresh orange juice have to be some of the best breakfast foods you could ever expect from an accommodation. Not that we are massive drinkers or something, but we are young and enjoy having the bars incredibly close by! We drove down this time, and parking was free at the hotel. The rates are a good amount to spend in Key West but worth every penny. If we can swing it, and I hope we can, we plan on spending every anniversary at the La Mer. Great place and even better memories!

Sometimes you need to spend a little more money than you usually spend to get the best of the best. You only live once right. They are not extremely expensive or anything, but definitely not as inexpensive as I usually spend. The La Mer and Dewey House is a beautiful place in a primo location. The entire establishment was a quiet place on the beach very close to all the action. Excellent yummy breakfast served in the mornings on the terrace overlooking the ocean. A great beach just feet away. We would love to sty with them in the future.

My husband and I chose to stay at the Dewey House because it was for our honeymoon. I could never have imagined how absolutely lovely the entire property could be. The beautiful furnishings, the crisp linens, all the special touches that were so unique and wonderful. Those are the things that make a place first class. In the evening someone comes in and pulls the drapes, takes care of the bathroom, pulls down the bed and drops a chocolate mint on the pillow. Fluffy plush robes and extra excursion towels in the rooms. Bottles of cold spring water is always stocked in our in-room refrigerator. The staff is so unbelievably friendly and helpful. As we checked in, they helped us to our room and took us on a tour around the house. Each morning we were greeted when we came down the stairs for breakfast. One of the major reasons we chose the Dewey House had to do with the location to the beach. The beach is a great vista to read on our veranda overlooking it as well as enjoying the clean pristine South beach that was never too crowded. The Duval Beach Club is located on the beach. They have really good burgers and frosty margaritas, and ya, if you toast your self there's Key West Sunset Ale on tap. When you choose to stay at La Mer or Dewey House or really any of the two Southernmost hotels, you get amazing privileges there and when it comes to not having to take your wallet everywhere, it is nice to just charge to your room. I think the room rate was definitely worth it, you get what you pay for in the service, the ultimate amenities and the overall superior class of the hotel. We would love to stay there again sometime.

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