Chelsea House

Chelsea House Key West
The Chelsea House in Key West Florida with lush gardens of foliage that surround the free breakfast area where you can enjoy the morning sun before strolling to the close by beach.

Everyone has their favorite places to stay in Key West. We live in Florida and go to the keys for a little vacation time every year, sometimes two or three trips. We love the location and the quality you get for the price. If you look around at the the big hotels nearby, you'll see that the Chelsea is a great deal and the rooms are spacious as well. I was planning a trip down there for December and noticed the new video. It's nice to have a pool, be close to the beach, and easy walking distance to all the great restaurants in the surrounding neighborhood. Key West was obviously built around the downtown area and there are several large hotel chains right on the main street of Duval. The Chelsea House is set back just off of Duval, so you are conveniently located nearby but not right on top of the noise. Key west is really not all that noisy however. If you are a block away from the downtown strip, you're out of earshot for the most part. Southernmost beach has nice soft powdery sand and is about a five minute walk away. I just booked our stay at the Chelsea once again and wouldn't stay anywhere else.

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