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We liked the location of the Southernmost on the Beach Hotel Key West because there's great little funky souvenir shops, a home made ice cream shop, a liquor store, several great restaurants, a deli, and a scooter rental place all across the street or around the corner. Getting around town via scooter takes about five minutes to where ever you might want to go. If you want to walk it, just about everything is a 20 minute walk or less away. The beach of the southernmost has an awesome restaurant with waitresses that bring you reasonably priced drinks and food. It may be the euphoria speaking but the food and cocktails we had sitting there on that beach, looking out over the water, were the best tasting food and drinks we've ever had. They don't charge an arm and a leg for it either. I could spend quite a large part of my days just setting right outside my room there. As far as the rooms go they don't leave much to the imagination with the videos and photos. What you see is what you get. We were very pleased with the hotel and it's surroundings.

We stayed at the Southernmost on the beach. The service was excellent, the rooms are superb, and there is a breathtaking view from the second floor. The beach it overlooks is small, but has nice fine sand and is the best around. We had a blast in key west and when we come back next year we'll be staying at this hotel again. If you only have half the fun we had on our five day trip, you'll remember it forever!

This was our first vacation in Key West. We know we got very lucky. We choose a fantastic location. If you want to hang out on the beach away from all the crowds, this is where to be. It has a nice little beach right next door with it's own restaurant that you can charge to the room. The southernmost is the only Hotel on the southern side that offers this. Once we figured out the area we did notice that we were on the opposite side of the island from were all that bars and nightlife was. It's a long walk to get to the Sunset festival each day. We didn't mind the hike too much. We needed the exercise! Bottom-line if you want to be away from the hustle and bustle of Duval street this is a great place to stay. But when you do want to go out and have some fun, it starts just one block from your room.

We travel often and have seen many hotels in Key West. The first time we stayed there we decided to have our wedding party and guest (all 70 of them) lodge there for our wedding. Everyone had a great time. The views of the ocean were awesome, the rooms very nice and spacious, three pools to choose from and the beach right there. TIP: Southernmost has two hotels there, one is oceanfront the other is across the street (not oceanfront) it's well worth it to spend the few extra bucks for oceanfront, specify when reserving. Also the parking is scarce, recommend take taxi from airport and rent mopeds at hotel or next door to hotel. Will be returning there in a few months.

I just wanted to thank you for your great website. I found the Southernmost on the Beach on your See A Room site and stayed there last week. It was every bit as nice as it looks in the virtual tours. I wasn't disappointed at all, and I'll be back. Thanks.

Are you planning a trip to Key West Florida? Well lucky you, Key West Florida is a great and beautiful vacation spot. Many people discover that there is so much to do and see in Key west they come back time and time again. You will find many activities that will keep you and your family on your toes and having the time of your life. If you are a person who enjoys water sports, then you are in luck. Some of the activities that you will find all over Key West include snorkeling, scuba diving, sailing, kayaking, fishing and of course swimming in the beautiful blue waters. If you prefer to keep your feet on land, don’t worry there are many activities for you as well. You will find many historical sites, museums and art galleries ad of course some fabulous shopping and dining. You can spend the day taking a tour on the Trolley and get to see many of the great things about Key West.

There are also many activities for the adventurous type as well. Perhaps you have always wanted to try para sailing, or maybe you are ready to go skydiving. Key West offers these activities for you as well. For the really brave you can even go swimming with the sharks. If that is too much for you how about a nice relaxing swim with the dolphins? Key West is a tropical paradise where many dreams can come true. Experience Key West from boat as well, they offer many different type of boat and cruise tours. You are sure to find one that is up your alley. From relaxing cruises, to a party boat, however you choose to spend your time in Key West, one thing is for certain, you will have an unforgettable time.

One way to ensure that you have a wonderful vacation is to stay at the Southernmost Hotel located right in Key West. The Southernmost Hotel is actually part of a collection of four different hotels, together these hotels are called the Southernmost Hotel Collection.

Southernmost Hotel which is located right on Duval Street is a hotel of choice for many families. When you choose to stay at this hotel you will be receiving high quality accommodations and affordable rates. The Southernmost Hotel is located in the heart of an old historic town. The hotel sits in a beautiful location, with the beach right across the street. Just minutes from the hotel you will find a wonderful little shopping district. In this quaint historic shopping district you will find some art galleries, eclectic shops and some gourmet dining establishments. You are also just a stone’s throw away from some of the nonstop night life that Key West is known for. The Southernmost Hotel location really gives you everything you would want and need. The hotel itself features many amenities as well. The rooms offer a family environment and all the luxuries one would expect from a hotel. There are two beautiful pools and Jacuzzi s for you and your family to enjoy. After a day spent shopping and exploring Duval Street, why not treat yourself to a in room massage. Southernmost Hotel also offers a health and fitness center, yoga and exercise classes and a café for your enjoyment. The Southernmost Beach Café offers breakfast, lunch and dinner at affordable prices. High quality meals at a price that won’t break your wallet, who could ask for anything more?

If you are looking more for a romantic getaway then perhaps the Southernmost on the Beach is the place for you. This breathtaking hotel is much more secluded and away from the downtown hustle. Not to worry though, when you are ready to explore downtown, it is not far away. Southernmost on the Beach has been voted one of the top ten places to get away for a romantic vacation. When you stay here you will be amazed by the magnificent views that you will see. Each of the rooms offers a private pier for you and your loved one to gaze out at the Atlantic Ocean. Maybe you will enjoy a spectacular sunrise on the comfort of your private pier. Guests staying here will the option of choosing from an ocean view room, an oceanfront room or a luxurious penthouse suite. No matter which one you choose, you are promised to have spectacular views of the ocean. You will delight in the tropical paradise that is known as Southernmost on the Beach. With an oceanside bar, a dazzling swimming pool and beautiful landscaping and gardens throughout, it is no wonder this has become a hot spot for romantic getaways. No matter if you want to spend you days sipping cocktails on your private pier or relaxing at the beach, your stay at Southernmost on the Beach is sure to bring some sparks for you and your loved one. Come experience for yourself and see why this destination has become one of the most desired spots for romantic getaways.

If you are looking to experience Key West’s true charm then perhaps the La Mer Hotel Key West and the Dewey House are the places for you. These are located in the historic downtown area and are the only ocean front bed and breakfast style accommodations in Key West. These are adorable boutique style hotels all feature private balconies. There very intimate style inns feature 19 different rooms with a turn of the century feel. With turn down service and all the traditional amenities, you will feel right at home. In fact you may so much feel like you are at home that you will not want to leave. Talk a walk around the property and you will find some beautiful and brightly colored flowers, palm trees and lush tropical gardens. Everything you need to remind you that you are truly in paradise. All the rooms are spacious and even feature monogrammed robes. You will have breathtaking ocean views and a personal inn keeper. Your personal inn keeper will make you feel right at home and serves a continental breakfast each morning. In the afternoon, the innkeeper will also serve tea on the Duval Terrace. If you are looking for a one of kind stay in Key West, these dynamic hotels are the choice for you. With a personal touch, the La Mer Hotel and Dewey House will let you truly experience the charm of Key West. The La Mer Hotel is Victorian style and features 11 different rooms to choose from, while the Dewey House offers 8 historic rooms to choose from. No matter which room you choose you will have beautiful granite wet bars, your own private balcony or patio, gorgeous British style furnishing and Jacuzzi tubs. This is a one of a kind hotel that you can only find in the beautiful Key West.

The Southernmost Hotel Collection offers hotels for everyone. The one of a kind hotels cannot be beat. No matter which hotel you choose, if you choose one of the Southernmost Hotels, you are sure to have a remarkable time.

My husband and I read several complimentary reviews about the Southernmost Hotel on the Beach and after viewing the virtual tours decided this is where we would stay for our trip to Key West. We couldn't agree more with everyone who loves this hotel. This is the best hotel in Key West. We’ve stayed at the big name brand resorts on the island during previous vacations, but their upkeep and service has been suffering while their rates continue to soar. Many are also going condo. The first time we were in Key West was on a Cruise, and we checked out some of the local hotels for ideas. We missed the southernmost and found ourselves regretting not finding it when we were there before. The hotel was exactly what reviewers had said it was. The room was large and had a modern tropical decor. We enjoyed the beach daily. When we got back to our room after it was cleaned they use some kind of perfume or fragrance in the a/c that is very light and airy. It smelled like they had steam cleaned the carpets in the room and the ocean breeze was coming in. I hate musty smelling rooms which most places have. It felt like we were the first ones in the room to ever stay there. I need to hire them for my house. The southernmost is the cleanest, and best valued hotel in key West.

What a hotel. You walk out of your room and you have a sparkling pool and white sand beach in front of you. Both overlooking the Caribbean waters. Do you Like the beach? This is one of the best beaches in the world and is defiantly #1 on the island. I can say this for multiple reasons. I have experience at the other beaches in Key West and you will not have drinks served from the bar and restaurant on any other public beach. Check-in with Mr. Tom the leisure engineer as he's known there. For just five bucks a day, we rented lounge chairs for cocktail, nap, and I don't want to ever leave this place time. On another review I noticed someone complaining about having to pay the $5 for a chair. This is because they don't actually own the beach or the chairs or the restaurant. For a mere five dollars, you get great service from the bar and restaurant staff, and you're not laying down in the sand. I gladly paid the money just to ensure that I had a comfortable place to lay on the beach for the day. Anyone who's ever been on a cruise ship knows how difficult it is to get a free lounge chair on an overcrowded deck, with people asking you if you want a drink every five seconds even when you drink if full. The service is unobtrusive and the beach isn't over crowded. We were very relaxed. Let's face it, you can't beat having lunch, breakfast and dinner on a white sand beach before finally moving to go out for the nightlife in town. No matter what you're doing right now while you read this, it's better to be there. The restaurant is right there on the beach next to the hotel. Just walk over and have a seat. The view is spectacular and prices are cheap for this kind of ambiance. I recommend riding the chair all day order food and cocktails and have them bring everything to you. You have to live like a king at least once.

I thought every part of the southernmost on the Beach was phenomenal. The staff was professional and friendly. We are an older couple and they carried our luggage up to our room for us, and when we unfortunately had to go home they said to call them and they'd carry it back down for us. My husband called the front desk to tell them we were ready to leave, and they called us a cab and brought down our things. The accommodations were worth every penny and the service we received was that of a world class establishment. Our compliment to the management and we'll return when we can.

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