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I spent a lot of time at work just surfing this site, dreaming of Key West and finally I got to go. I thought I'd send a review after all the time I spent on here. For those of you in my situation, dreaming of getting away to paradise for less than a mortgage payment this is the one to go with. The location of the Southernmost Hotel is ideal for this place. You get to be at the quiet end of Duval Street but only a few minutes stroll from all the action. This is where the action starts and it keeps going down to Mallory Square at the other end. There's a soft white sand beach across the street with an open air restaurant/bar called the Duval Beach Club. There are rave reviews about this place everywhere and you will not be disappointed. All I can say is every place I've been to with a view not even close to being half as good charged at least twice as much for their food and drinks. You will not beat this place for food, drinks, atmosphere, or price. The same goes for the hotel. Another great restaurant close by was the Banana Cafe, which was the place to go for breakfast. It's on Duval Street a block down from the hotel. Restaurants, convenience stores, a liquor store, bars, restaurants, and more are all within a block of the Southernmost. I've read every review here and on other sites and would suggest renting bikes. Go to the front desk and they'll take care of you. No need to reserve them in advance they must have 200 bikes there. There is not better way to get around other than maybe a scooter. I would only do this if you don't want to pedal a bike. There aren't hills in Key West, so it's a breeze to cruise around. I found it to be relaxing. I saw younger kids how rented scooter and were enjoying them. One guy enjoyed his into a tree after walking out of a bar, so again I recommend bikes or your feet for transportation. They have a parking lot and that's where you should leave your car the whole time. Parking is a pain in the but and it's a small island so you'll probably be able to walk to the place you're going faster than driving and trying to find one of the few places there are for parking. We plan on coming back to Key West and staying with the Southernmost Hotel.

My wife and I are an old couple (50 something's) and have stayed at the Southernmost Hotel In Key West for a week long vacation every winter for the six years now. We we will be back next too. I could write a book about how much we love Key West. There really is no place like it. I could write a long boring review about the hotel too. I like things short and sweet like my honey. Take it from a picky old man who could stay anywhere on the island but chooses to stay here every year. As long as they don't change a thing then neither will I. I found them here on See A Room Key West and was trying to remember where I found them originally. Good things stay around I guess.

We got caught up in a snow storm on our way down and missed a connecting flight. We were put on standby for a later flight that evening. I called the Southernmost and they graciously held our room until eight o'clock free of charge for the night if we couldn't make it by then. That kind of service is what makes this a fantastic hotel in my opinion. Yeah the rooms are great, the pool is sparkling, the rates are awesome for Key West, but you can't beat good business when dealing with a hotel. So many these days care only about getting the most for their rooms and turning a profit. This hotel cares about their guests, it's obvious by more than just how they deal with problems. They insured my business for life. Thanks

You don't have any complaints about the Southernmost hotel on your site that I can see. Why is that? Are they that great? Do they deserve a perfect record of accolades and praise? Well I just got home from a week long stay and I have a complaint to file with you and I hope you post it on your site. I had to leave at the end of the week and come back home, then I had to go to work, fight traffic, and to end it all make dinner for the kids tonight. I wanted to move in, leave it all and become a Key West Conch. I love your video and hope you don't mind I watch it daily. I can't wait to escape reality and go back. They deserve the rave reviews!

My wife and I enjoyed a very relaxing four night stay at the Southernmost Hotel in Key West last month. They've got a nice pool area with a full tiki bar and grill. We felt like this was more of a resort than hotel. It's located ideally for walking down to the other end and partying then taking your time to head back and hit everything on the other side of the street. We had an updated room, which I believe they all are. All the modern conveniences and well kept. I would stay here again and recommend it.

My husband and I decided on a last minute vacation in the Keys. We jumped in the car with our two daughters and drove from Miami. We've lived here for a short time and had talked about heading down there sometime and just did it. We were sorry we hadn't researched it first because we couldn't find a vacancy sign anywhere we looked. We got all the way to the end and we figured it was fitting that we should find a room at the southernmost point in the US. Well it was meant to be, because we ended up landing in the best hotel in all of Key West! I came back here looking for photos to reminisce about our little adventure. You'll be happy staying here and just don't make the mistake I did and call ahead. We were lucky and someone had canceled their vacation about five minutes before we walked up. I thought we were going to have to drive back. I can say that the virtual tours here on see a room are just that. I like the 360 degree pictures. Can't wait to do it again, with reservations.

Funny, we didn't make a reservation either. We too found the Southernmost by chance. I don't think we were there during such a hard time though. There were a few places with rooms but they must of only had one because they wanted your first born for them. We picked the southernmost ironically after asking to "see a room" and it was affordable and nicer than other for twice as much. It was more than fair for what you get. The room was large compared to the others we had seen earlier. There are a lot of tiny rooms for not so tiny prices in Key West. We had a balcony overlooking the pool area with chairs and a table. We were delighted with our discovery and agree with the previous reviewer, in that you should book it ahead of time. We got lucky and won't take that risk again.

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