Duval Inn Hotel Reviews

Duval Inn Hotel
Returning guest reviews of their vacation staying at the Duval Inn in Key West which is a bed and breakfast hotel in the heart of old town with an atmosphere all its own.

This is a Bed and Breakfast in the heart of old town Key West with an atmosphere all its own. I love staying here, and have done so several times in the past. You just cant beet the price and the amenities this the Duval Inn offers. I always bring a book with me and read it by the pool and garden area. I like to go out at night but I usually stay at the Inn during the day unless I have an excursion planned. Which leads me to my next accolade. The staff at the Inn is wonderful when it comes to reserving dinner reservations, or excursions for me. They even keep me abreast about the new things to do each time I visit. I never feel scared or out of place traveling alone when I stay with them. My husband stays home with the kids and I have nothing but me time in Key West. I love my family in Northern Florida but my family down South at the Duval Inn keeps me sane!

My husband and I have been traveling to sunny Key West Florida for years. We have stayed in several of the accommodations that the Island of Key West offers. And though they all had some good points, for us it has to be the Duval Inn. The property doesn't advertise much which is why I had to waste my time staying elsewhere in the past. I thought I knew about every place in Key West and stumbled on this place on See A Room.Com. What a little hidden gem. If they're not sold out book a room here you'll love it, if you like charm. You can stay in a chain hotel if you are afraid of the Guesthouse thing but you would really be doing yourself an injustice. The whole experience of being taken care of in an island setting, in such a historical place in intoxicating. The pool is every bit as nice as those huge hotels, granted much smaller, but they are never crowded and filled with screaming kids either. This place is so special, charming and laid back, there are few places like this nowadays. Centrally located is an understatement, they are right in the middle of everything, right off Duval. I will surely stay here again.

My boyfriend and I returned to our little apartment in New York a few days ago, looked around shrugged and immediately made reservations to stay at the Duval Inn Key West next year. We had such a great time in Key West. The Island was fantastic but the accommodations were superb. We liked the simplicity of it all. Great price, clean, simple lines in the room. Wonderful pool and staff. It was so different than the life we have carved out for ourselves here in New York. The speed of life almost comes to a halt in the Keys. No one is in a rush, you will hardly ever run into someone with a bad attitude. The food is simple and priced accordingly. For instance try getting conch fritters in the city. Sure you will find it in some swanky restaurant, a four fritters appetizer for twenty five dollars. But in Key West you can watch the sunset, have a cocktail in a plastic cup while you eat your fresh fritters in a paper bowl at the Mallory Square Sunset festival all for less than ten dollars. Even the air seems carefree. The ocean breeze blankets the entire island and rests in your lungs like a sleeping babe. The Duval Inn allows you to bask in this heavenly laid back wind in several areas of the property. More than once did my boyfriend and I drink to much partying on Duval Street at one of the numerous nearby bars and then relax in a nook found on property the following day. Spirits renewed, we found that it was time to come home. During the flight we discussed the attitude differences between the keys and New York. We came to the conclusion that the people that live in Key West are always in a good mood because they live in such a paradise. We not only will we go back to Key West and stay at the Duval Inn, but we are planning on relocating there as well. As soon as we can.

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