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The Seven Fish restaurant is located in a beautiful area of Key West. Key West is one of my favorite spots to vacation and when I was down there last, I decided to visit the Seven Fish restaurant. This restaurant is great on so many levels, such as the food, the staff and even the way the place looks both on the inside and the outside. The place is clean and the atmosphere is unmatched. The funny thing is, the restaurant was small but everything from the customer service to the quality of food to the appearance of the place was just spectacular. This restaurant is worth the trip from anywhere and this is one of my new favorite places to eat at in Key West.

I loved the menu at the Seven fish restaurant, the place offered seafood, steaks and pastas as well as a few other dishes but these dishes were the most appeasing to the eye. The menu includes fresh food such as shrimp salsa, crab cakes, fish tacos, scallops, salads and a New York strip steak can all be found here. I ordered the New York Strip steak and it was cooked to perfection. As far as desserts go, I was very happy with the choices they had to offer. They had a key lime cheesecake which tasted great and I also got a brownie with ice cream. The overall menu is just simply good. The prices at Seven fish were not bad, I only paid around $50 for two people so the prices are very good, just as good as their food.

The Seven Fish was busy the two times I went but there really was no waiting involved. I liked the fact that this place was only opened up from 6pm-10pm because this allowed me to do all the things that tourists do in Key West and eating at this place was a nice finish to a busy day. The staff was quick and the food did not take long to be cooked up and served. I didn’t even find one thing wrong with the Seven Fish restaurant and I plan on returning there again during my next vacation to Key West.


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    632 Olivia St
    Key West, Fl 33040

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    • Fish
    • Scallops
    • Ceviche
    • Gnocchi
    • Sushi
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