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Comfortable, luxurious, affordable and steps from Duval Street, we offer lodging in many unique settings...a guesthouse, inn, villas, cottages, condominiums and historic homes, all offering romantic Key West hideaways with private Jacuzzis, some with private pools.

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Our pets are not just animals, they are family. Even Fido needs a vacation every now and again. Bringing your beloved pet with you to a destination like Key West is a wonderful start. Key West has many Pet Friendly Hotels that are as clean as they are intoxicating. One of the neatest things about this island is the acceptance of animals. It is not uncommon to see many a pet walked down the Duval Crawl or offered water and a treat at the abundant outdoor restaurants. Some people, like myself, can't really relax while on vacation if they are worried about their little dog back home in some kennel. My little Yorkie Gizmoe is my only child and goes everywhere with me. Staying in Key West proves that not all destinations are anti-pet; but as friendly as it can get. So don your dog with a matching sun visor and tee shirt, (If you don't have one almost all key west shops have wears for your pet) get a pet friendly hotel, and take a trip around town. Above are some choice accommodations complete with reviews, but for a more extensive list please visit key west hotels or key west bed and breakfasts or Vacation Rentals.

Most accommodations that allow you to bring your dog or cat will charge a cheap fee for accepting your animal. Recently someone tripped over a little dog at a restaurant and this resulted in many bars and restaurants barring animals in their establishments. Fortunately if your pets are smaller and well behaved, you're welcome in many of the businesses around the island. Especially if there is outdoor seating available. The best beach for you and your pooch to enjoy the water is Higgs. Here you're welcome to enjoy the sand and ocean with your best friend.