Southernmost Hotel

Southernmost Hotel

Deluxe King with Flat Screen Tile Shower with Bench Double Queen Hotel Room Ground Floor Balcony Luxury Bathroom King at Southernmost Room for Two with Balcony Sleep Four Adults Comfort Queen Beds Southernmost Pool and Bar Fiber Optics in Water South Beach White Sand Guests Workout on Vacation Beach Wedding Packages Private Business Meeting Table
Extra persons $15. Children under 18 stay free with parents and are welcome at the Southernmost Hotel and Southernmost on the Beach. $25/day plus tax resort fee. Minimum age requirement - No one under the age of 25 unless accompanied by a parent. Rates are based on availability and are subject to change.

The Southernmost Hotel in the U.S.A. has the historic distinction its name implies. Just one short block from the Southernmost point in the Continental U.S., this 118 room hotel with resort amenities can also boast of being on one of the most famous streets in the world - Duval Street. Abundant tropical foliage flourishes throughout the property bringing the essence of the islands to the resort. The diversity of room types make if the perfect choice for any traveler.


I had a splendid time at the Southernmost Hotel in Key West. The location of this hotel is great. It's on at the end of Duval, right across the street from the southernmost beach ( a great beach) and just a ten minute walk down to the other end of the island. Everything you want to see and do is down Duval so you'll be going up and down it several times a day. My husband and I rented a couple of bikes directly from the hotel. They were an efficient way to get around and see the sights. In five minutes or so we could be anywhere we want to be without the hassle of parking. This helped us relax and get into the laid back atmosphere we were traveling for. We wanted to get away from cars and traffic of daily life and this was just what the doctor ordered. A traffic jam in Key West is a bunch of people on bicycles heading to the next bar or beach. Nothing was out of reach from where we were staying. The island is completely flat, which makes it a breeze to get around on bikes. No hills to climb here. You don't have to be in the best shape to get your moneys worth. As far as the hotel goes, the room was spacious, and I didn't realize they had two pools until I got there. Each has a full bar and plenty of chairs. Most hotels in Key West don't even have a pool.

If you're reading this review, then you're planning a vacation to Key West. First allow me to be jealous. I've been lucky enough to travel all throughout Florida and the rest of the country and Key West is in my opinion the winner of the most enjoyable and unique vacation destination in Florida. I can't wait to go back. This goes for the rest of the country as well. There in no place in the US remotely similar to this anywhere you go. When you find a destination outside the country better than what you get here while having the benefits of still being in the country, let me know. I stayed in The Southernmost and it was great, and unlike the other places like it, affordable. Go to Key West, eat the Key Lime Pie, snorkel out at the reef, and feel privileged to be there, because you are. I spent a lot of time looking for a good hotel for my stay and ended up here. Choosing a hotel for me comes down to quality for the price, and the southernmost was the best I found for both.

Southernmost Hotel in Key West is the best place to stay with a nice pool, parking and all the resort amenities right on Duval street. I was looking for lodging in season for my family and needed something we could afford. We also had a wonderful vacation in Key West. We also feel as though The Southernmost is a fabulous hotel too. I wanted to add that the beach is right across the beach and once I found that out I was sold, and that will keep me coming back. Best location on the island for peace and quiet. Mallory Square and the rowdy bars are all at the other end of Duval. They're far enough away that you can not hear them. The action begins only a few blocks away however and just keeps getting louder the further down you go. This was they best of both worlds for us and the amount of walking is light. the pace is slow as well, so if you can walk around at an amusement park for a day that is much more of a walking challenge than this. Key West is gorgeous vacation spot for all ages.

My husband and I stayed here for five nights in March. Some might say this is a motel instead of a hotel because some of the rooms face the parking lot and don't have an inside entrance. Although some rooms do. Once you open the door (or watch the video) you can see this isn't deserving of the motel label. This hotel is nicely done. Considering how expensive all the other hotels and Bed and Breakfasts were in Key West, this was a steal. We had a first floor room and that was all they had left due to it being season. Make reservations for season far in advance. This place has been discovered. When I requested a room on the second floor at check-in, the guy at the front desk looked for a cancellation for me. No such luck though. It was nice of him to look, and he gladly answered all of my stupid touristy questions I'm sure he gets all the time with a smile. Overall the service was fast and you can tell the property is well managed. Everyone seemed glad to be working there. I called them before leaving to confirm the reservation and the lady that helped me didn't seem irritated with the call like every other receptionist I've called for that has been in the past. It's like they're annoyed that you don't have faith that they will be able to keep the reservation and they're offended. It was a nice change to have someone politely confirm the reservation for me. I also booked directly with the hotel as well, so I didn't worry about a computer messing up my reservation, which has also happen more than once in the past. Our room was equipped with a mini-fridge and microwave which was great for beer and the leftovers we ended up with because we filled The room was immaculately cleaned and looked like it had been recently updated. The picture window in the room made it secure, not that there is any real crime here, but I personally never open windows in hotel rooms and like the picture windows. Nights were so quiet you could hear a pin drop, so we were happy about that. We've stayed at the other end of Duval in the past and noise was definitely a problem there. Like other reviewers we rented bikes. They had scooters as well if you don't want to pedal it. We were drinking too so we didn't want to get hurt or worse trouble. FYI if you didn't know you can get a DUI on a bike. Good to know. The pools are both cool, one is much bigger than the other and with the beach across the street we found ourselves not going very far at all some days. Free parking, pool, and price were the key to our decision to stay here. There wasn't a free breakfast here but there were plenty of restaurants nearby. Key West is known for their bars and nightlife but if you like to eat, the restaurants are phenomenal.

My wife and I enjoyed a very relaxing four night stay at the Southernmost Hotel in Key West last month. They've got a nice pool area with a full tiki bar and grill. We felt like this was more of a resort than hotel. It's located ideally for walking down to the other end and partying then taking your time to head back and hit everything on the other side of the street. We had an updated room, which I believe they all are. All the modern conveniences and well kept. I would stay here again and recommend it.

My husband and I decided on a last minute vacation in the Keys. We jumped in the car with our two daughters and drove from Miami. We've lived here for a short time and had talked about heading down there sometime and just did it. We were sorry we hadn't researched it first because we couldn't find a vacancy sign anywhere we looked. We got all the way to the end and we figured it was fitting that we should find a room at the southernmost point in the US. Well it was meant to be, because we ended up landing in the best hotel in all of Key West! I came back here looking for photos to reminisce about our little adventure. You'll be happy staying here and just don't make the mistake I did and call ahead. We were lucky and someone had canceled their vacation about five minutes before we walked up. I thought we were going to have to drive back. I can say that the virtual tours here on see a room are just that. I like the 360 degree pictures. Can't wait to do it again, with reservations.

Funny, we didn't make a reservation either. We too found the Southernmost by chance. I don't think we were there during such a hard time though. There were a few places with rooms but they must of only had one because they wanted your first born for them. We picked the southernmost ironically after asking to "see a room" and it was affordable and nicer than other for twice as much. It was more than fair for what you get. The room was large compared to the others we had seen earlier. There are a lot of tiny rooms for not so tiny prices in Key West. We had a balcony overlooking the pool area with chairs and a table. We were delighted with our discovery and agree with the previous reviewer, in that you should book it ahead of time. We got lucky and won't take that risk again.

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    1319 Duval Street
    Key West, Fl 33040

    Front Desk:




    • Pool
    • Complimentary WiFi, Pool Towels, Beach Chairs, & Fitness Center
    • 118 Guest Rooms
    • Coffee Maker with complimentary coffee
    • In-room Safe
    • Hair Dryer


  • Distance = (Walking)

  • Sunset Celebration
    1.2 mi (21 min)
  • South Beach
    .1 mi (2 min)
  • Hard Rock Cafe
    .9 mi (18 min)
  • Hemingway House
    .4 mi (8 min)
  • Fort Zachary Beach
    1 mi (19 Min)
  • CVS/Pharmacy
    .4 mi (8 min)
  • Circle K
    .3 mi (5 min)
  • Truman Medical Center
    .5 mi (9 min)
  • Wine/Cigar Shop
    .1 mi (2 min)