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Galleon Resort


The Galleon Resort Oceanfront Hotel Key West was the perfect hotel for my large family of seven. The units are huge and very beautiful. We've taken a few vacations to Key West and have stayed everywhere from the Ambrosia to the other cheap condo resort Sunrise Suites. The décor is everything you would desire in Key West Vacation Rentals, tropical, clean lines and filled with every need possible. With all of my kids having so many varying personalities and wants it is nearly impossible to satisfy all of them at any one time. The Galleon Resort made it easy for my husband and I to section the kids off to different parts of the resort to do different things. My eldest liked to work out each day, he is obsessed with his abs, Sara and Melody my twin teen girls wanted to get sun all day by the pool, Jake, our tween wanted to fish off of the docks for dinner, would you believe he actually caught enough fish to feed us all one night! Patrick and I kept the baby with us all the time just because she is so young, but since she cant even walk yet it was like having Pat all to myself for a whole week. We did go diving and rent Jet Ski’s right there at the resort one day with everyone accept Melody who refused to get into the ocean, something about salt water being itchy on her skin because of all the phytoplankton. I told Pat that we need to stop letting her read so many books. It worked out though because she cared for Kayla, our youngest that day in the room while she read a local treasure hunting book by Mel Fisher cover to cover. She says she wants to be a treasure hunter when she grows up; we tried to tell her that a prerequisite for treasure hunting will be actually swimming in the ocean with all those icky little phytoplankton. She responded with a turn of the head and a “no I won’t, I will marry a rich husband who hires people to so all of the diving for gold, I will be the boss and brains of the operation nice and dry in the cabin of my yacht.” It’s good to have dreams. She'll be vacationing at the Pier House when she travels here again. Anyway, the family vacation was one for the record books; we all got along, got some Key West sun, and bonded as a family unlike any other vacation we have ever taken. The Galleon Resort is worth every penny, and if you have a crew like mine, it works out far cheaper than getting several rooms in a standard stuffy hotel. Go for the resort lifestyle with a full unit of perfect amenities like the Galleon, you will be glad you did.

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617 Front Street
Key West, Florida 33040


    • Incredible Harbor View
    • Waterfront Pool
    • Sauna
    • Beach
    • Full Service Marina
    • Tiki Bar
    • Jet Ski Rentals

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