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I saved a boatload of money by staying at the Comfort Inn Hotel Key West with my family on our last vacation to Key West. It was affordable and not cheap in quality. I say a boatload because we actually saved so much that we were able to rent a boat for the day and go deep sea fishing. The trip on the ocean changed my son’s life forever it seams. Zack is eight now and came back from the vacation requesting a fishing pole for Christmas. He also wanted to change the décor of his room from Dinosaurs to everything fishing related. The hotel was really nice. It was antiquate and clean. The pool was refreshing and well sized. The kids really enjoyed that too. I found it nice that there were so many other children there. The kids met friends for the week that did everything together leaving my husband and I to relax in the key West sunshine without the need to entertain them ourselves. The shuttle took us into town each day and brought us back to the hotel in the evenings. It was a very low stress vacation especially compared to other vacations we have had since the twins were born. Sarah decided she wanted to be one of the street performers at Mallory Square when she grows up. Tom and I are hoping she changes her mind on that one. We did like the idea of staying down town when we travel to Key West next vacation. We took look at the cheaper places to stay like the Blue Marlin which had a pool and was right off of Duval street and a short walk to the Southernmost on the Beach which would be our first pick to stay cheap with an Ocean View Hotel and still be affordable.

The Comfort Inn Key West was a steal of a deal for our last vacation. We had nine days to vacation this year which is not typical for us. The extra couple of days meant that our vacation budget needed to be stretched a little this year. We chose the Comfort Inn primarily for that reason and hoped that the pictures we had found on the internet were accurate enough not to destroy our trip. It came down to this or the Merlin Inn but they sold out before we could make reservations. When we got to the Comfort Inn Key West we were pleasantly surprised with the accommodations. The room was a typical Comfort Inn. Nice, clean, smelled good, and loaded with all of the amenities you would come to expect. What we were surprised about was the pool area. It was nicer than the pictures depicted. We spent many a day lounging by the pool in the bronzing sun while sipping on frozen drinks. After days of relaxing we got all dresses up and took the shuttle to Duval Street for some adult evening entertainment. The property was great, the bars were wonderful, and the pool/sun left us kissed by the gods for our return to Nebraska.

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3824 N. Roosevelt Blvd
Key West, Florida 33040


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