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My wife and I just returned from Key West. We used your site to book everything from the hotel to the flights. I also found Fish Check charters and wanted to send you a review. I've been hiring guides all over the world and as it is fishing my luck has been good and not so great. Steve is a fantastic captain and a really great guy. A lot of times these guys get little burnt out and tend be a bit salty if they've been at it for a lot of years. Not this guy. We really enjoyed our day on the water with him and his mate. They took great care of us and all the gear. It looked like we may have a rough day not only on the ocean waves but in our catch when I hear "fish on"! I watched with pride as my little 110 lb wife reeled in a beautiful sailfish. It ended up being the best experience of this vacation and by far the best fishing trip I've ever been on. I would highly recommend anyone looking to go after deep sea fish give Fish Check a call.


$600 & Up

    Capt. Steve Luoma



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