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It’s safe to say that if you are planning on visiting Florida, the trip would be incomplete without a visit to Key West. It is located at the southern most tip of continental US and the amount of activities available here is only matched by its natural beauty. Key West is perhaps one of the most intriguing and colorful places you can visit in the US. One of the best things to do in Key West is to get out on the water for some snorkeling, diving or deep sea fishing. Just a few miles off shore you'll find the only living coral reef in North America with over a thousand different species of fish which out of all the things to do with your family here, will likely be the most memorable. It's like swimming in an aquarium and there's plenty of action to keep the kids interested.

Long known as a favorite pastime for the locals, the trip out to the reef for some fishing is filled with excitement before even dropping a line or chum in the water. An endeavor out to the shipping channel for deep sea trolling is often filled with entertaining sights like dolphins and sea turtles competing for their share of the fish out there too. Often times you can bag your limit of schooling Dolphin fish all in one location. When you hook into one, the rest of the school follows! You leave the originally hooked fish in the water while chumming out other lines to his buddies that are waiting to get hooked up right behind the boat. It's quite a scene to see a hundred of these schooled up dolphin whose sole occupation is to eat and grow huge. They are one of the fastest growing sport fish in the ocean. It's a day long adventure that is something you're sure to be glad you did.

The place is filled with history, great architecture and plenty of adventure, enough to please even the most discerning traveler. Even though millions of vacationers converge onto this unique place each year, it has not lost its character and unique eco-splendor. The following are some of the top activities Key West is famous for.

One of the most popular activities of this place is the various types of water activities. Taking small cruises tops the charts and there are many different cruises that offer different types of cruising experiences. There are companies that own small catamaran type cruisers and they will take you around the islands for some marine life sight seeing. As you cruise along the warm and beautiful emerald color waters, you will see animals such as dolphins swimming about. This kind of trip is very relaxing and enjoyable.

Some of these cruise companies will take a trip to the famous Fort Jefferson Dry Tortugas National Park. This park is located around 60 miles west from Key West. It is located in a group of coral reefs and boasts of sandy white beaches. The place is steeped in natural and historical resources. Apart from the beaches and coral reefs this park can boast of the largest brick fort built during the civil war days. There are several ferries which cater to tourists to this vacation hot spot. Earlier it was mentioned that going on these cruises you will get to see marine life in action. Well there are cruises specifically catering to people who would like to go for a dolphin spotting cruise.

Some of these outfits still use sailboats for the cruise. They will have experienced personnel who will take you to the natural habitats of these wild animals. Apart from all of the cruising, partying and sightseeing you can do in Key West, this place is ultimately most popular for snorkeling, surfing, skiing and kayaking. The corral reefs surrounding this area calls for some of the most beautiful snorkeling experiences you can have. Along with snorkeling, other waterborne activities that attract a lot of people are wind surfing and kayaking. One of the main reasons for this is because the water temperature in this area is very comfortable.

Before going to a place such as Key West, it is important to take some things with you to make the vacation more enjoyable. Remember that this place is the tropics, which mean it will be hot and sunny most of the time. You will find yourself wearing shorts and sandals, as well as sunscreen. If you are prone towards sea sickness, better to take motion sickness medicines with you.

Key West Fishing Charters

Offshore Sportfishing
Southbound Sportfishing

Captain Rich Houde brings over 20 years of fishing experience aboard as you head out into the shipping channels for some deep sea action. Rich knows where the fish are and where to troll the deep waters off the coast of Key West for sailfish. (305) 747-3668

Dream Bonefish
Dream Catcher

Captain Steve Lamp ownes and runs the boats of Dream Catcher Charters. Steve offers both flats and off shore excursions with trips all the way out to the Dry Tortugas for a memorable and successful day. (305) 292-7212

Sea Clusion Sailfish
Sea Clusion Charters

Every trip is rewarding and we love to fish, so be prepared to have a good time. Our 46' air-conditioned Bertram is designed for comfort, safety, and of coarse catching big fish. Full days include two mates as well. (305) 295-0774

Boca Grande Fl Fishing Charters
Boca Grande Fishing Charters

When you visit Boca Grande Fl for your ultimate angling vacation you'll want the best guide in the Boca Coast area. Look no further than Captain Todd Gilbert. With twenty five years of experience in the area he can put you on the silver kings and linesiders for the inshore adventure of a lifetime. (941) 416-7905