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  • 92 percent of travelers who plan to use the Internet for vacation planning are likely to check prices for hotels.
  • 88 percent expect to look at maps of vacation routes or destinations.
  • 84 percent are likely to check on activities in the area.
  • 75 percent look up phone numbers and addresses.
  • 59 percent order brochures or literature.
  • 44 percent read reviews and opinions from other travelers.
  • 81 percent choose new key words if the information they are looking for is not in the top ten results.
  • 78 percent return to a site to purchase airline tickets, make hotel, activities, or rental car reservations.

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Southernmost On The Beach
Southernmost Beach Resort

“The virtual tours on See A Room Key West make my properties look great, are the highest quality, and have been our top producer in sales from the start. We have more reservations right now then we did last year. I only wish we found them earlier.”

Carrie Babich
Cayo Huseo Vacation Rentals
Cayo Huseo Vacation Rentals

“See A Room Key West has brought us more clients than any other advertising for years. They also produced a virtual tour that makes our guests confident in our product, and secure in their reservations.”

Joyce Benavides

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James Fink

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